Joseph and Endurance Edem, with their children Godfreedom and Josephine
Bayelsa State
November 2012

18 October 2016, Plan B submits amicus curiae brief to Philippines Human Rights Commission's investigation into the accountability of carbon majors for human rights violations. Document available here.


1 December 2016: Plan B and GCI presentation to UNFCCC, UNEP and Commonwealth Secretariat: Towards Equity, Survival and the Rule of Law


Vehicles stranded on Interstate 45 in Houston on May 26, 2015.

Margaret Clegg.
Toll Bar Village
South Yorkshire
June 2007


21 August 2017: How Deeply Will Rising Temperatures Cut into Crop Yields?(Inside Climate News)

19 August 2017: More GOP lawmakers bucking their party on climate change (Politico)

17 August 2017: Solar and Wind Power Save Billions of Dollars in Health Costs, Study Says (Quartz)

17 August 2017: Some Democrats See Tax Overhaul as a Path to Taxing Carbon (New York Times)

17 August 2017: For Second Consecutive Year, Earth Has Recorded Its Warmest July on Record, NASA Says; Land Temperatures Reached All-Time High, NOAA Says(Weather Channel)

16 August 2017: Brexit Bill 'could undermine work on climate change' (STV News)

15 August 2017: Judge Blocks Major Coal Mine Expansion, Cites Failure to Consider Climate Impact (Associated Press)

14 August 2017: States Are Using Social Cost of Carbon in Energy Decisions, Despite Trump's Opposition (Inside Climate News)

14 August 2017: China Is Preparing to Launch the World’s Biggest Carbon Market (Scientific American)

14 August 2017: Vanguard seeks corporate disclosure on risks from climate change (Reuters)

14 August 2017: Shell and Exxon face censure over claim gas was 'cleanest fossil fuel' (The Guardian)

11 August 2017: Britain spent 'twice as much on overseas fossil fuels as renewables'(The Guardian)

7 August 2017: Scrapping Climate Protections Would Erase $300 Billion in Benefits, Study Finds (Inside Climate News)

5 August 2017: Deadly ‘Lucifer’ heat wave keeps grip on 10 European countries(Market Watch)

4 August 2017: U.S. submits formal notice of withdrawal from Paris climate pact (Reuters)

3 August 2017: Heat Waves Creeping Toward a Deadly Heat-Humidity Threshold (Inside Climate News)

2 August 2017: 9 States Deciding Whether to Tighten Power Plant Emissions Rules in RGGI (Inside Climate News)

1 August 2017: ISIS and Global Warming Are Considered Top Security Threats by Most of the World (Mother Jones)

31 July 2017: How Congress Is Cementing Trump's Anti-Climate Orders into Law (Inside Climate News)

26 July 2017: Federal court temporarily pauses youth climate lawsuit(Think Progress)

25 July 2017: The World May Have Less Time to Address Climate Change Than Scientists Thought (Scientific American)

25 July 2017: Like Exxon, Utilities Knew about Climate Change Risks Decades Ago (Inside Climate News)

23 July 2017: As The Climate Changes, Kenyan Herders Find Centuries-Old Way Of Life In Danger (NPR)

21 July 2017:Climate Change: UK Slams Trump for 'Walking Out When Heat is On.' (Newsweek)

19 July 2017: Methane Seeps Out as Arctic Permafrost Starts to Resemble Swiss Cheese (Inside Climate News)

19 July 2017: To Avoid Climate Catastrophe, We’ll Need to Remove Carbon Dioxide from the Air (ENSIA)

18 July 2017: Coastal Communities Sue 37 Oil, Gas and Coal Companies Over Climate Change (Inside Climate News)

26 May 2017: Trump Budget's Cuts to Climate 'Totally Inexplicable,' Former Agency Heads Say(Inside Climate News)

26 May 2017: Fossil Fuel Groups Want Out of Children’s Climate Change Lawsuit (Inside Climate News)

25 May 2017: How New York Is Building the Renewable Energy Grid of the Future (Inside Climate News)

25 May 2017: Bipartisan Bill Introduced in US to Fix Neighborhood Floods(Climate Central)

24 May 2017: Industry group tries to drop out of children’s climate lawsuit (Washington Post)

24 May 2017: Climate Policies Could Boost Economic Growth by 5%, OECD Says (Inside Climate News)

23 May 2017: How Rising Seas and Coastal Storms Drowned the U.S. Flood Insurance Program (YaleEnvironment360)

23 May 2017: Exxon Loses Appeal to Keep Auditor Records Secret in Climate Fraud Investigation (Inside Climate News)

23 May 2017: NATO Countries Worry Trump Will Undo Climate Progress, Drafts Show (Inside Climate News)

23 May 2017: Factory Farms Put Climate at Risk, Experts Say in Urging Health Officials to Speak Out (Inside Climate News)

20 May 2017: Exxon Climate Fraud Investigation Widens Over Missing 'Wayne Tracker' Emails (Inside Climate News)

19 May 2017: Leaked Draft Shows How U.S. Weakened Climate Change Wording in the Arctic Declaration (Inside Climate News)

18 May 2017: Miles of Ice Collapsing into the Sea (New York Times)

16 May 2017: China, India to Reach Climate Goals Years Early, as U.S. Likely to Fall Far Short (Inside Climate News)

16 May 2017: Cleantech venture capital: Continued declines and narrow geography limit prospects(Brookings)

15 May 2017: Under Fire, Climate Scientists Unite With Lawyers to Fight Back (New York Times)

12 May 2017: Occidental Holders Override Board in Approving Climate Proposal (Bloomberg)

12 May 2017: Defying Trump, these state leaders are trying to impose their own carbon taxes (Washington Post)

12 May 2017: Climate negotiators rally to protect IPCC science funding(Climate Home)

10 May 2017: The Injustice of Atlantic City's Floods(Climate Central)

9 May 2017: China Warns Trump: Leaving Paris Accord Risks Bad Deals at G7, G20 (Climate Home)

9 May 2017: Could FOIA Force Trump Administration to Restore Missing Climate Data?(Inside Climate News)

8 May 2017: Thawing Alaska Permafrost Sends Autumn CO2 Emissions Surging (Inside Climate News)

8 May 2017: 200+ Investors Tell Trump: Don't Abandon Paris Climate Accord(Inside Climate News)

6 May 2017: Extreme Weather Flooding the Midwest Looks a Lot Like Climate Change (Inside Climate News)

5 May 2017: Modest Climate Change Bill Draws Sponsors From Both Sides of the Aisle(Inside Climate News)

5 May 2017: Trump Admin Responds to Countries' Climate Questions With Boilerplate Answers(Inside Climate News)

4 May 2017: Climate change already forcing 17 U.S. communities to move, new analysis says (The Times-Picayune)

4 May 2017: The Jersey Shore Would Rather Fight Flooding With Walls Than Retreat (Bloomberg)

3 May 2017: Inside The Debate Over Repealing Curbs On Methane Leaks (NPR)

3 May 2017: NATO urges global fight against climate change as Trump mulls Paris accord (Reuters)

3 May 2017: NYC Creates Climate Change Roadmap for Builders: Plan for Rising Seas (Inside Climate News)

2 May 2017: A new crack in one of Antarctica’s biggest ice shelves could mean a major break is near (Washington Post)

2 May 2017: Oklahoma’s Largest Earthquake Linked to Oil and Gas Industry Actions 3 Years Earlier, Study Says (Inside Climate News)

1 May 2017: India Added Twice As Much Renewables Capacity As Coal Capacity In 2016-17 (Clean Technica)

28 April 2017: Trump Moves to Lift Arctic Offshore Drilling Ban, but It Might Not Be So Easy(Inside Climate News)

27 April 2017: Hundreds of former EPA employees blast Trump on climate change (The Hill)

25 April 2017: Koch Industries and Other Corporations Lobbied for Donald Trump's Cabinet Picks, Filings Show (The Intercept)

25 April 2017: Trump's Climate Cuts Could Result in Half-Billion Extra Tons of CO2 in the Air (Inside Climate News)

25 April 2017: Extreme Arctic Melt Is Raising Sea Level Rise Threat; New Estimate Nearly Twice IPCC's (Inside Climate News)

24 April 2017: Disney, the Gap and Pepsi urged to quit US Chamber of Commerce (The Guardian)

24 April 2017: Record-breaking climate events all over the world are being shaped by global warming, scientists find (Washington Post)

24 April 2017: Vulnerable nations call on G20 to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2020 (Climate Home)

22 April 2017: Tens of Thousands March for Science and Against Threats to Climate Research (Inside Climate News)

21 April 2017: Exxon's Opposition to Climate Fraud Probes Gets Less Sympathy From NY Judge (Inside Climate News)

20 April 2017: Climate change will fuel terrorism, report warns (Think Progress)

19 April 2017: Carbon Credits Likely Worthless in Reducing Emissions, Study Says (Inside Climate News)

19 April 2017: The Nightmare Scenario for Florida’s Coastal Homeowners (Bloomberg)

18 April 2017: When Rising Seas Transform Risk Into Certainty(New York Times)

18 April 2017: As Climate Change Fuels Wildfires, Fighting Them Must Change, Report Says (Inside Climate News)

12 April 2017: Federal Climate Research, Targeted for Elimination by Trump, Lauded by Scientists(Inside Climate News)

10 April 2017: Global Warming Could Thaw Far More Permafrost Than Expected, Study Says(Inside Climate News)

7 April 2017: California's Climate Leadership Gets a Boost as Court Upholds Cap and Trade (Inside Climate News)

7 April 2017: Three of Australia’s big four banks reviewing exposure to fossil fuels (The Guardian)

6 April 2017: Parts of the Arctic Ocean are Turning Into the Atlantic (Climate Central)

6 April 2017: EPA Should Not Be Allowed to Dodge Clean Power Plan Ruling, Cities and States Tell Court (Inside Climate News)

6 April 2017: EU Utilities Vow End to Coal After 2020, as Trump Promises Revival (Inside Climate News)

5 April 2017: U.K. Seeks to Abandon Green Goal That May Sour Brexit(Bloomberg)

4 April 2017: Maryland governor signs fracking ban into law(The Hill)

4 April 2017: NY Judge Tosses Exxon Challenge to Climate Change Investigations, for Now (Inside Climate News)

4 April 2017: ‘Disaster alley’: Australia could be set to receive new wave of climate refugees(The Guardian)

3 April 2017: New York, other states take on Trump over energy efficiency (Reuters)

1 April 2017: Nine-year-old girl files lawsuit against Indian Government over failure to take ambitious climate action (The Independent)

31 March 2017: Greenland's Coastal Ice Passed a Climate Tipping Point 20 Years Ago, Study Says (Inside Climate News)

31 March 2017: Russian President Vladimir Putin says humans not responsible for climate change (France 24)

30 March 2017: In Setback for Exxon, Texas Judge Kicks Climate Change Case to New York (Inside Climate News)

30 March 2017: This is China’s strongest statement yet on climate action (Climate Home)

29 March 2017: Climate Action Will Thrive on State and Local Level, Leaders Vow After Trump Order (Inside Climate News)

29 March 2017: President Trump's executive order on "energy independence," annotated by an environmental law expert (Vox)

29 March 2017: Energy Department climate office bans use of phrase ‘climate change’ (Politico)

28 March  2017: EU leads attacks on Trump's rollback of Obama climate policy (The Guardian)

28 March 2017: High-Stakes Climate Lawsuit Led by Youth Turns Its Attention to Trump(Rolling Stone)

27 March 2017: Drought and War Heighten Threat of Not Just 1 Famine, but 4 (New York Times)

27 March 2017: Clean energy employs more people than fossil fuels in nearly every U.S. state (Think Progress)

27 March 2017: Environment Canada report says we are on pace to miss emissions target (The Star)

27 March 2017: Climate Change-Fueled Jet Stream Linked to Brutal Floods and Heatwaves, Says Study (Inside Climate News)

27 March 2017: Hundreds of Clean Energy Bills Introduced in US States(Inside Climate News)

26 March 2017: Trump to Issue Far-Reaching Reversal of Obama Climate Push (Bloomberg)

26 March 2017: Another Tipping Point For Coal: Big Oil Eyeballs Big Wind(Clean Technica)

24 March 2017: Lamar Smith, unbound, lays out political strategy at climate doubters’ conference (Science)

24 March 2017: Climate Change May Be Intensifying China’s Smog Crisis (New York Times)

24 March 2017: Trump Adviser Urges President to Stay in Paris Climate Agreement, but Scrap Pledges (Inside Climate News)

22 March 2017: Judge Orders Exxon to Turn Over Tillerson's 'Wayne Tracker' Climate Emails (Inside Climate News)

22 March 2017: Coal's Steep Decline Keeps Climate Goal Within Reach, Report Says (Inside Climate News)

22 March 2017: Trump's Words Could Jeopardize His Environmental Rollbacks, Too(Bloomberg)

21 March 2017: State of the Warming Climate in 2016: 'Truly Uncharted Territory' (Inside Climate News)

20 March 2017: Peru Experiencing Worst Flooding in Nearly 30 Years (Huffington Post)

20 March 2017: Australia’s Grid Problems Put the International Spotlight on Storage—and Elon Musk (GTM)

15 March 2017: Doctors' Group: Climate Change Threatens Public Health Across the Nation (Inside Climate News)

15 March 2017: Europe Faces Annual Extreme Coastal Floods in Future (Climate Central)

14 March 2017: Trump’s Defense Secretary Cites Climate Change as National Security Challenge (Pro Publica)

11 March 2017: Rate of Ocean Warming Has Nearly Doubled Over Two Decades, Study Says(Inside Climate News)

9 March 2017: This climate lawsuit could change everything. No wonder the Trump administration doesn’t want it going to trial(Washington Post)

9 March 2017: EPA Head Pruitt Denies the Basic Science of Climate Change (Inside Climate News)

9 March 2017: Shell Sells Nearly All Its Oil Sands Assets in Another Sign of Sector's Woes (Inside Climate News)

9 March 2017: G-20 Poised to Signal Retreat From Climate-Change Funding Pledge (Bloomberg)

9 March 2017: Wind Power Blows Through Nuclear, Coal as Costs Drop at Sea(Bloomberg)

8 March 2017: Listed companies duck for cover when it comes to climate change (Sydney Morning Herald)

7 March 2017: E.P.A. Head Stacks Agency With Climate Change Skeptics(New York Times)

7 March 2017: Exxon's Auditor Could Hold Key Piece of Climate Fraud Investigation (Inside Climate News)

6 March 2017: Carbon Dioxide Could Reach 410 PPM This Month(Climate Central)

5 March 2017: Big Australian banks invest $7bn more in fossil fuels than renewables, says report (The Guardian)


3 March 2017: Trump's EPA Halts Request for Methane Information From Oil and Gas Producers(Inside Climate News)


2 March 2017: Chevron is first oil major to warn investors of risks from climate change lawsuit(Think Progress)


2 March 2017: Top Trump Advisers Are Split on Paris Agreement on Climate Change (New York Times)


2 March 2017: As Budget Cuts Loom, Former EPA Officials Make Plea to Trump to Continue Agency's Work (Inside Climate News)


2 March 2017: European Climate Action Faces Crucial Moment (Climate Central)


1 March 2017: China's Carbon Emissions Falling, While Trump Points U.S. in Opposite Direction (Inside Climate News)


1 March 2017: Children's Climate Lawsuit Aims to Unearth Documents From Oil Group API (Inside Climate News)


1 March 2017: State AGs Rally to Defend NY, Mass. Investigations of Exxon From Lamar Smith Subpoenas(Inside Climate News)


28 February 2017: Shell's 1991 warning: climate changing ‘at faster rate than at any time since end of ice age’(The Guardian)


28 February 2017: Massive Permafrost Thaw Documented in Canada, Portends Huge Carbon Release (Inside Climate News)


28 February 2017: Members of Congress met to discuss the costs of climate change. They ended up debating its existence (Washington Post)


27 February 2017: EU clashes with maritime industry over ship emissions(Climate Home)


23 February 2017: Politicians are fast learning how to bring climate denial into the classroom under Trump (


23 February 2017: Exxon Mobil shareholders renew call for 2C climate analysis(Climate Home)


23 February 2017: Exxon Relents, Wipes Oil Sands Reserves From Its Books (Inside Climate News)


22 February 2017: The Pruitt Emails: E.P.A. Chief Was Arm in Arm With Industry (New York Times)


22 February 2017: California Bill Aims for 100 Percent Renewable Energy by 2045 (Inside Climate News)


21 February 2017: Big Corn courts old foe Big Oil to combat electric car threat (Reuters)


21 February 2017: Oil Industry, in Court, Claims Ignorance about CO2 (Scientific American)


18 February 2017: As seas rise, city mulls a massive sea barrier across Boston Harbor (Boston Globe)


17 February 2017: Scott Pruitt, Trump's Pick for EPA, Is Confirmed Amid Fierce Opposition(Inside Climate News)


17 February 2017: EPA Nominee Pruitt Ordered to Produce Documents About Fossil Fuel Ties(Inside Climate News)


15 February 2017: Climate Change Concerns Prompt Court to Block Vienna Airport Expansion(Inside Climate News)


13 February 2017: Heat Waves Scorch the Arctic, Australia, Parts of U.S.(Inside Climate News)


11 February 2017: Study Finds Rise in Methane in Pennsylvania Gas Country (Inside Climate News)


10 February 2017: Exxon Adviser Resigns Over Oil Giant’s ‘Targeted Attacks’ On NGOs (The Huffington Post)


9 February 2017: Coastal Cities Could Flood Three Times a Week by 2045 (Climate Central)


8 February 2017:Something is very, very wrong with the Arctic Climate (Mashable)


7 February 2017: ‘A Conservative Climate Solution’: Republican Group Calls for Carbon Tax (New York Times)


7 February 2017: California Lawmakers Press for Renewed Exxon Climate Investigation (Inside Climate News)


7 February 2017: Russia and the U.S. Could Be Partners in Climate Change Inaction (Inside Climate News)


7 February 2017: Floods and erosion are ruining Britain’s most significant sites (The Guardian)


4 February 2017: 100,000 may have died but there is still no justice over Indonesian air pollution (The Guardian)


3 February 2017: Foreign flights to slip under the radar of EU emissions limits (Reuters)


2 February 2017: Electric cars and cheap solar 'could halt fossil fuel growth by 2020' (The Guardian)


2 February 2017: Climate ignored as Exxon Mobil takes earnings hit (Climate Home)


1 February 2017: Why Environmentalists Are So Worried About Trump's Supreme Court Pick (Inside Climate News)


1 February 2017: Saudi Arabia Plans the World’s Cheapest Power With Solar and Wind(Bloomberg)


1 February 2017: ‘Beyond the extreme’: Scientists marvel at ‘increasingly non-natural’ Arctic warmth (Washington Post)


31 January 2017: These Climate Scientists' Lives Were Upended by Trump's Immigration Order (Inside Climate News)


31 January 2017: Report: US sustainability sector adds up to a million jobs inside five years (Business Green)


27 January 2017: World Bank Favors Fossil Fuel Projects in Developing Countries, Report Says(Inside Climate News)


27 January 2017: Youth obtain court order preventing deletion of climate information (Mashable UK)


27 January 2017: Canadian scientists offer support to muzzled US counterparts (The Guardian)


26 January 2017: Defying Trump, Twitter feeds for U.S. government scientists go rogue (Reuters)


26 January 2017: Irish lawmakers vote to divest from fossil fuels (Climate Home)


25 January 2017: Trump administration tells EPA to cut climate page from website: sources (Reuters)


24 January 2017: Keystone XL, Dakota Pipeline Green-Lighted in Trump Executive Actions (Inside Climate News)


23 January 2017: Centre for Disease Control quietly cancels long-planned climate summit (ClimateWire)


23 January 2017: China approves first list of green car models for subsidies this year (Reuters)


19 January 2017: World’s poorest urge G20 to make long-term climate plans (Climate Home)


18 January 2017: 2016 Officially Declared Hottest Year on Record (Climate Central)


17 January 2017: As Trump takes office, job growth is pushing GOP governors to embrace renewables (Utility Dive)


17 January 2017: B.C. First Nations unite in fight against Trans Mountain pipeline (The Globe and Mail)


17 January 2017: China is taking the green bond market by storm (Climate Home)


12 January 2017: Climate Investigation of Exxon Can Proceed in Massachusetts, State Judge Rules (Inside Climate News)


12 January 2017: Global Clean Energy Investment Fell 18% in 2016 With Slowdown in China (Greentech Media)


11 January 2017: Another Climate Change Push Comes From Exxon Shareholders (Inside Climate News)


11 January 2017: World Economic Forum: environment dominates threats to global economy (Climate Home)


10 January 2017: A California Bill Would Require Solar Panels on All New Buildings (Pacific Standard)


10 January 2017:White House Urges Research on Geoengineering to Combat Global Warming (New York Times)


10 January 2017: Climate Action, Clean Energy Key to U.S. Prosperity, Business Leaders Urge Trump (Inside Climate News)


9 January 2017: Methane may not last long in the atmosphere — but it drives sea level rise for centuries (Washington Post)


9 January 2017:Obama: Economic Case for Climate Action is Clear (Washington Post)


9 January 2017: Unrelenting Global Warming Sends Sea Ice to Record Low, As Scientists Feel Heat, Too (Inside Climate News)


5 January 2017: Federal Climate Investigation of Exxon Likely to Fizzle Under Trump (Inside Climate News)


5 January 2017: China to plow $361 billion into renewable fuel by 2020 (Reuters)


4 January 2017: Renewables investment in UK will fall 95% over next three years – study (The Guardian)


4 January 2017: Agriculture Begins to Tackle Its Role in Climate Change (Inside Climate News)


3 January 2017: Climate Change Is Raising Flood Risk in the Northern U.S. (Scientific American)


3 January 2017: Solar Could Beat Coal to Become the Cheapest Power on Earth (Bloomberg)


29 December 2016: Canada's Oil Sands Downturn Hints at Ominous Future(Inside Climate News)


28 December 2016: Exxon vs. Climate Change, a Battle With Many Fronts(Inside Climate News)


27 December 2016: How Dakota Pipeline Protest Became a Native American Cry for Justice(Inside Climate News)


26 December 2016: Obama's Climate Legacy Marked by Triumphs and Lost Opportunities (Inside Climate News)


26 December 2016: Major flooding in UK now likely every year, warns lead climate adviser(The Guardian)


23 December 2016: On Climate Change, Obama Lays Down a Scientific Gauntlet for Trump Administration (Inside Climate News)


22 December 2016: Appeals Court Rules Climate Scientist Can Pursue Defamation Claims Against Critics (BuzzFeed News)


22 December 2016: The coming battle between economists and the Trump team over the true cost of climate change (Washington Post)


22 December 2016: India plans nearly 60% of electricity capacity from non-fossil fuels by 2027(The Guardian)


​22 December 2016: California Forests Failing to Regrow After Intense Wildfires (Inside Climate News)


22 December 2016: Rex Tillerson's Record on Climate Change: Rhetoric vs. Reality(Inside Climate News)


21 December 2016: China launches carbon-tracking satellite into space: Xinhua(Reuters)


20 December 2016: Trump Climate Deniers Prompt Scared Scientists to Set Up Hotline (Bloomberg)


20 December 2016: Judge allows youth constitutional climate rights case to move forward against state of WA and Gov. Inslee(Press Release)


20 December 2016: U.S., Canada ban offshore drilling in Arctic waters(CBC News)


19 December 2016: Obama Said to Use 1953 Law to Restrict Offshore Drilling (Bloomberg)


19 December 2016: El Niño on a warming planet may have sparked the Zika epidemic, scientists report(Washington Post)


16 December 2016: Centrica has donated to US climate change-denying think tank(The Guardian)


15 December 2016: Scientists are tying more and more extreme events to a changing climate(Washington Post)


15 December 2016: Portland Bans New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure in Stand Against Climate Change (Inside Climate News)


14 December 2016:Trump transition says request for names of climate scientists was ‘not authorised’(Washington Post)


14 December 2016: Trump Vows to Boost Drilling and Fracking Foes Turn to Courts(Bloomberg)


14 December 2016: The EPA Once Said Fracking Did Not Cause Widespread Water Contamination. Not Anymore (Inside Climate News)


14 December 2016:​G20 task force wants companies to come clean on climate risk (Reuters)


13 December 2016: 'The Arctic Is Unraveling,' Scientists Conclude After Latest Sobering Climate Report (Inside Climate News)


13 December 2016: Divestment Movement Grows to $5 Trillion in Assets, Report Says(Inside Climate News)


13 December 2016: Energy Dept refuses to name staffers who worked on climate(The Hill)


13 December 2016: With Oil Sands Ambitions on a Collision Course With Climate Change, Exxon Still Stepping on the Gas (Inside Climate News)


12 December 2016: Mass. AG Appeals Exxon Ruling, Asks New Judge to Toss Oil Giant's Case (Inside Climate News)


9 December 2016: Trump Team’s Asking for Ways to Keep Nuclear Power Alive(Bloomberg)


9 December 2016: Canada agrees on national carbon price, but tensions remain (Reuters)


8 December 2016: Climate Activists Fight Back Against Exxon's Subpoenas


8 December 2016:Philippines Human Rights Commission announce April public hearings


8 December 2016: Trump's EPA Pick: A Climate Denier With Disdain for the Agency He'll Helm


7 December 2016:Texas Judge orders Massachusetts Attorney General to explain her investigation into Exxon


7 December 2016: Australia PM rejects carbon pricing, fuels divisions with power generators


6 December 2016: Cushing Residents Seek Class-Action Lawsuit Against Oil Companies Over Earthquakes


5 December 2016: Standing Rock: US denies key permit for Dakota Access pipeline, in win for Native Americans


4 December 2016: Australia is blowing its carbon budget, projections reveal


2 December 2016: More Fossil Fuel Projects Canceled and Delayed Following Keystone XL Rejection


1 December 2016: Mayors Set a Tight Deadline to Initiate Climate Action


30 November 2016: Southeast USA Is Burning: Wildfires Feast on Hot, Dry Region


30 November 2016: How Obama's climate change legacy is weakened by US investment in dirty fuel


30 November 2016: Shell studies green energy deals to prepare for future after oil


28 November 2016: EPA's Failure to Regulate Factory Farm Pollution Draws New Scrutiny


25 November 2016: More company climate votes ahead, as Trump may loosen energy rules


​23 November 2016:How Much of Obama's Climate Agenda Can Trump Undo With the Stroke of a Pen?


23 November 2016: UK to keep carbon price steady through Brexit


23 November 2016: Trump keeping 'open mind' on pulling out of climate accord


23 November 2016: Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on ‘politicized science’


22 November 2016: Exxon’s Accountants Are Experts in Climate Risk. What Did They Tell Exxon?


22 November 2016: An astounding 102 million trees are now dead in California


21 November 2016:Shareholders bring class action against Exxon


18 November 2016: Climate Change's Most Vulnerable Nations Vow to Run Entirely on Renewable Energy


16 November 2016: China Tells Trump That Climate Change Is No Hoax It Invented


16 November 2016: Paris climate deal at risk unless countries step up plans, says watchdog


15 November 2016: Obama administration completes rule to curb methane from federal oil, gas production


14 November 2016: Exxon Widens Climate Suit to Fight New York Attorney General's Probe


13 November 2016: Global carbon emissions flat for the third straight year


10 November 2016: Victory for America’s Youth – Constitutional Climate Lawsuit against U.S. to Proceed 


9 November 2016: Washington State Voters Reject Nation's First Carbon Tax


9 November 2016: Britain's last coal power plants to close by 2025


8 November 2016: Climate Summit's Urgent Goal: Cut More Emissions, Faster


8 November 2016: Europe at Risk of Missing 2030 Climate Goal, Researchers Say


7 November 2016: Exxon's Oil Sands Reserves Announcement May Mean Little for the Climate


7 November 2016: Environmentalists Target Bankers Behind Pipeline


4 November 2016: It’s official: the Paris climate deal is now international law


4 November 2016: How Much Arctic Sea Ice Is Each of Us Melting? Quite a Bit, New Study Says


3 November 2016: 'Last Chance' to Limit Global Warming to Safe Levels, UN Scientists Warn


3 November 2016: Africa’s “buyer’s remorse” over Paris climate deal


28 October 2016: UN to deliver climate plan for shipping in 2023


26 October 2016: In a loss for ExxonMobil, NY Supreme Court orders oil giant to produce climate documents


26 October 2016: Sandy's Lessons Lost: Jersey Shore Rebuilds in Sea's Inevitable Path


26 October 2016: Native American Leaders Decry Increasingly Harsh Treatment of Dakota Access Protesters


26 October 2016: Dakota Access pipeline company and Donald Trump have close financial ties


25 October 2016: Swiss Grannies launch legal challenge to demand stronger climate action


25 October 2016: In California's Methane-Reduction Crosshairs, Dairy Industry Faces Regulation for the First Time


25 October 2016: Hacked emails reveal plan to counter Rupert Murdoch's climate denial


24 October 2016: 1.4 Million People in Haiti Need Food Assistance After Hurricane Matthew


22 October 2016: Living in China’s
Expanding Deserts


21 October 2016: Typhoon kills 12, destroys rice fields in Philippines, takes aim at Hong Kong


20 October 2016: Brazilian senate approves new coal funding


20 October 2016: Onshore windfarms more popular than thought, UK poll finds


19 October 2016: Beef Companies Failing in Effort to Slow Amazon Deforestation, Study Says


18 October 2016: The WikiLeaks emails reveal why Hillary Clinton wouldn’t support a carbon tax


18 October 2016: Norway faces climate lawsuit over Arctic oil exploration plans


17 October 2016: Scientists Accidentally Discover Efficient Process to Turn CO2 Into Ethanol


17 October 2016: Tackling How to Cool Down in a Warming World, Without HFCs


17 October 2016: Islands to lose fresh water as rising seas sink them from within


16 October 2016: What OPEC’s Oil U-Turn Missed: Peak Demand Keeps Getting Closer

15 October 2016: Unions for green jobs: Why organized labor is getting behind offshore wind


14 October 2016: SEC Sidesteps Lamar Smith's Document Request, Declines to Confirm Exxon Probe


13 October 2016: Leading Fossil Fuel Companies Fail Climate Responsibility Test


13 October 2016: British public support for fracking sinks to lowest ever level


11 October 2016: Fossil Fuel Production Emits More Methane Than Previously Thought, NOAA Says


10 October 2016: Climate Change Behind Surge in Western Wildfires


6 October 2016: Removing CO2 From the Air Only Hope for Fixing Climate Change, New Study Says


6 October 2016: 191 Countries Strike Deal to Cut Aircraft Emissions


6 October 2016: World needs $90tn infrastructure overhaul to avoid climate disaster, study finds


5 October 2016: Paris Climate Treaty to Take Effect in November


5 October 2016: While global methane emissions are up, study says fossil fuels not the culprit


5 October 2016: For Exxon, Hybrid Car Technology Was Another Road Not Taken


30 September 2016: Exxon's Big Bet on Oil Sands a Heavy Weight To Carry


29 September 2016: Lamar Smith Extends Exxon Subpoena Campaign to Include SEC


29 September 2016: CLF filed lawsuit against Exxon for climate deception


29 September 2016: Officials admit no modelling shows how Australia will meet Paris climate pledge


28 September 2016: London calling: Figueres dives back into climate after UN bid


26 September 2016: U.S. Climate Pledge Hangs in the Balance as Court Weighs Clean Power Plan


26 September 2016: Carbon emissions not priced at true cost to climate: OECD


26 September 2016: A New Debate Over Pricing the Risks of Climate Change


25 September 2016: American Geophysical Union Again Agrees to Continue Accepting Exxon Money


23 September 2016: Dutch parliament votes to close down country's coal industry


22 September 2016: First Nations across North America sign treaty alliance against the oilsands


22 September 2016: 100 countries push to phase out potentially disastrous greenhouse gas


21 September 2016: For the first time, Obama requires U.S. government to factor climate into national security policy


21 September 2016: SEC Involvement Sharpens #ExxonKnew Focus on What Its Accountants Knew


20 September 2016: Government Delays Pipeline Settlement Following Tribe Complaint


20 September 2016: US and China release fossil fuel subsidy peer reviews


16 September 2016: US wins solar case over India at WTO


15 September 2016: International court to prosecute environmental crimes in major shift


15 September 2016: Fossil Fuel Money to GOP Grows, and So Does Climate Divide


15 September 2016: Hesitance to Link Some Weather Events to Climate Change 'No Longer Appropriate'


14 September 2016: Why US military officials are worried about climate change


13 September 2016: Michigan Tribe Aims to Block Enbridge Pipeline Spill Settlement


12 September 2016: In an English City, a Lesson in Climate Change


9 September 2016: UK will miss its 2020 renewable energy targets, warn MPs


9 September 2016: Opencast coal mine application in UK 'called in' over climate change concerns


7 September 2016: This is New York in the not-so-distant future

4 September 2016: Oklahoma Quake Matches Record Even After Fracking Waste Restricted


3 September 2016: U.S. and China Ratify Paris Agreement


1 September 2016: White House announces $40 million climate effort for Pacific islands


31 August 2016: Mexico Strikes First International Climate Deal Since Paris


31 August 2016: Lamar Smith Seeks to Affirm Exxon Climate Subpoenas With Hearing


30 August 2016: Insurers worth $1.2tn tell G20 to stop funding fossil fuels by 2020


30 August 2016: Chinese people want renewable energy more than anyone, but nobody’s selling it to them


25 August 2016: Greens sue Obama to stop fossil fuel production on federal land


24 August 2016: Governor says climate change is hurting Colorado economy


23 August 2016: Coal Lobbying Groups Losing Members as Industry Tumbles


22 August 2016: EPA: North Texas Earthquakes Likely Linked to Oil and Gas Drilling


19 August 2016: Exxon Mobil Fraud Inquiry Said to Focus More on Future Than Past


19 August 2016: Mass. Court Bans Electricity Rate Hikes to Fund Gas Pipeline Projects


17 August 2016: Coal Burning Causes the Most Air Pollution Deaths in China, Study Finds


17 August 2016: In a Warming World, Deluges Like Louisiana's Expected to Increase


16 August 2016: Feeling Cornered, Coal Industry Borrows From Tobacco Playbook, Activists Say


15 August 2016: In U.S. Methane Hot Spot, Researchers Pinpoint Sources of 250 Leaks


14 August 2014: 'The blob': how marine heatwaves are causing unprecedented climate chaos

12 August 2016: EPA's Fracking Finding Misled on Threat to Drinking Water, Scientists Conclude


10 August 2016: An epic Middle East heat wave could be global warming’s hellish curtain-raiser


9 August 2016: Massachusetts AG Criticizes Exxon for Continuing Climate Deceit


9 August 2016: Court backs Obama’s climate change accounting

6 August 2016: Louisiana politicians go to court blaming Big Oil for coastal ruin


4 August 2016: For Climate Scientists, the Siberian Anthrax Outbreak Is a Sign of What’s to Come


4 August 2016: Coalition Of U.S. States Signed Pact To Keep Exxon Climate Probe Confidential


4 August 2016: Former Bush adviser says climate change is security threat


4 August 2016: Massachusetts delegation condemns climate change subpoenas


4 August 2016: Scientists Tease Out Climate Change’s Role in Zika Spread


1 August 2016: World weather: 2016's early record heat gives way to heavy rains


1 August 2016: Deadly Maryland Flood part of global warming related pattern


1 August 2016:New Guidance for US Federal Agencies on assessing climate impact of projects


28 July 2016: Pipeline Expansion Threatens U.S. Climate Goals, Study Says


27 July 2016: Oil majors summoned to Philippines human rights inquiry


27 July 2016: Rising seas threaten to swamp U.S. military bases by 2050


​25 July 2016: Weather Disasters Can Fuel War in Volatile Countries


25 July 2016: EPA Clears the Way for Greenhouse Gas Rules on U.S. Airlines


21 July 2016: Blazing Hot First Half of 2016 Sends Climate Records Tumbling


21 July 2016: World leaders poised to seal landmark emissions deal in Vienna


20 July 2016: Tobacco and Oil Industries Used Same Researchers to Sway Public


18 July 2016: UN criticises UK and Germany for betraying Paris climate deal


19 July 2016: Soaring Temperatures Will Make It Too Hot to Work, UN Warns


14 July 2016: Pacific ​​islands nations consider world's first treaty to ban fossil fuels


13 July 2016: State Attorneys General Subpoenaed by Rep. Lamar Smith for Exxon Fraud Probe


13 July 2016: TTIP proposal casts doubt on G20 climate pledge, leaked EU draft shows


13 July 2016: Solar Plane Stops By Egypt’s Pyramids On Penultimate Leg Of World Tour


12 July 2016: UK poorly prepared for climate change impacts, government advisers warn


11 July 2016: Norway bids to capture business by capturing carbon


11 July 2016: 19 senate Democrats call out Exxon, fossil fuel industry on climate change denial


7 July 2016: Virgin Islands and Exxon Agree to Uneasy Truce Over Climate Probe


5 July 2016: Can New York be Saved?


5 July 2016: Climate Change Claims a
Lake, and a Way of Life


2 July 2016: 'Hillary Clinton’s Ambitious Climate Change Plan Avoids Carbon Tax'


1 July 2016: In Kenya, companies now liable for climate change damages


1 July 2016: Canadian Court Reverses Approval of Enbridge's Major Western Pipeline


30 June 2016: Exxon lobbying quietly for a U.S. carbon tax


29 June 2016: The world has the right climate goals — but the wrong ambition levels to achieve them


29 June 2016: U.S. Virgin Islands to withdraw subpoena in climate probe into Exxon


28 June 2016: UK ministers to approve world-leading carbon emissions target


​26 June 2016: Obama Declares Major Disaster In West Virginia After Historic Flooding


27 June 2016: Shift to Clean Energy Could Save Millions Who Die From Pollution


23 June 2016: 'Why the GOP is trying to stop the Pentagon's climate plan'


22 June 2016: Exxon Loses Bid to Fight Virgin Islands Climate Subpoena in State Court


21 June 2016: China punishes officials over sewage in first environmental case of its kind


​20  June 2016: Exxon Sues a Second Attorney General To Fight Off Climate Fraud Probe


20 June 2016: Without Emissions Cuts, Summer Heat Will Get Even Deadlier


16 June 2016: 13 state AGs pen letter calling for end to climate change probe


10 June 2016: White House Wants Government Suppliers to Address Climate Change


8 June 2016: Will This Retired Lawyer Open the Floodgates of Divestment From Fossil Fuels?


​24 May 2016: Total rules out Arctic oil drilling, citing 2C goal


23 May 2016: Exxon Unlikely to Change Course on Climate Change at Annual Shareholder Meeting


18 May 2016: Youth Win Climate Case Against Massachusetts in State's High Court


17 May 2016:Conservation Law Foundation serves 'notice of intent' on Exxon


10 May 2016: 'Five Pacific islands lost to rising seas as climate change hits' (article in Guardian)


​9 May 2016: 'Exxon scrambles to contain climate crusade' (article in Politico)


​​3 May 2016: Resettling the First American 'Climate Refugees'​

29 April 2016: Judge requires Washington State Ecology Department to advance science-based rule for limiting CO2 emissions citing 'urgent situation'


Judge Hollis Hill: The reason I'm doing this is because this is an urgent situation. This is not a situation that these children can wait on. Polar bears can't wait, the people of Bangladesh can't wait. I don't have jurisdiction over their needs in this matter, but I do have jurisdiction in this court, and for that reason I'm taking this action.
14 April 2016: Exxon Fights Subpoena in Widening Climate Probe, Citing Violation of Its Constitutional Rights


9 April 2016: Judge Denies Motions by Fossil Fuel Industry and Federal Government in Landmark Climate Change Case


Coffin, Magistrate Judge: 'The debate about climate change and its impact has been before various political bodies for sometime now. Plaintiffs give this debate justiciability by asserting harms that befall or will befall them personally and to a greater extent than older segments of society. It may be that eventually the alleged harms, assuming the correctness of plaintiffs' analysis of the impacts of global climate change, will befall all of us. But the intractability of the debates before Congress and state legislatures and the alleged valuing of short term economic interest despite the cost to human life, necessitates a need for the courts to evaluate the constitutional parameters of the action or inaction taken by the government. This is especially true when such harms have an alleged disparate impact on a discrete class of society.'


30 March 2016: Climate Fraud Investigation of Exxon Draws Attention of 17 Attorneys General


​8 April 2016: Seven-Year-Old Pakistani Latest To Sue Government Over Climate Inaction


22 December 2015: Exxon's Oil Industry Peers Knew About Climate Dangers in the 1970s, Too

28 May 2015:Exxon, Chevron Reject Shareholder Measures on Climate Change Again


7 January 2015: China encourages environmental groups to sue polluters

8 December 2016: Could the courts bring order to climate change? By Isabella Kaminski (The ENDS ​Report)


Ripon Islam and Tarajul Islam
Chandanbaisa Village
Sariakandi Upazila, Bogra District
September 2015



“If we fail to act now, it is scientifically irrefutable that there will be catastrophic and irreversible consequences for humanity and our planet.” 

Open Letter to President Obama, New York Times, December 6, 2009, signed by, inter aliaDonald Trump

26 September 2017: Plan B serves UK Government with formal 'Pre-Action Protocol Letter' challenging its ongoing failure to respond rationally to the climate emergency​​.

Sir David King, former UK chief government scientist and permanent Special Representative for Climate Change:

​“This is crazy. The Government knows very well what needs to be done – but it isn't doing it. If it takes legal action to force ministers to behave properly, then so be it – I’ll support it."

Craig Bennett, CEO, Friends of the Earth:

​"Today the charity Plan B has threatened the Government with legal action if it does not align its climate change strategy with the Paris Climate Agreement. They're spot-on for highlighting this. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) which advises the Government admits that the UK's targets are not strong enough, but argues that now is not the right time to change them, essentially because they don't yet have a clear plan for how to meet these tougher targets. But the clock is ticking - on some estimates there's less than a decade left before the "carbon budget" for the Paris 1.5 degree budget is used up. By the time we get our plan together, it will be too late."​​

19 May 2017: Plan B responds to Chair, CCC and writes again to UK Minister

2 May 2017: Chair, CCC replies to Plan B

13 April 2017: Plan B urges UK Minister and Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to respect the global climate obligation and safeguard the right to life